Mille Luci, restaurant and pizzeria

The Restaurant Mille Luci is a well-known venue on the Adriatic Coast, which has been run by Luigina and Adriano Enzo's family since 1977. Mille Luci has always been the symbol of the most coveted and sought after pizza in the area and a flagship for traditional Venetian cuisine.

Which is why when you think of Mille Luci, you think of our A Thousand and One Nights pizzas, of the feast of fragrances found in our dishes with delicious Salted Codfish, Sweet and Sour Sardines, Pasta and Fasioi. Imagine a romantic dinner with freshly caught fish. Imagine the warmth and cordiality of our staff, a genuine feeling of hospitality, and a picturesque atmosphere all around you. Think of the sports and entertainment stars which have always been welcomed in this restaurant with open arms.

And what about you, what do you think of Mille Luci? Come and find out. We are located in Via dei Mille 1, just a stone's throw from Jesolo Lido's Lighthouse.

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